Does the string freeze remain in effect?

Allen Winter winter at
Mon Dec 3 15:18:58 CET 2007

On Sunday 02 December 2007 11:02:58 Thomas Friedrichsmeier wrote:
> Hi,
> ok, so KDE 4.0 has been delayed by around a month. Does this open another 
> window to do some string changes (if so, for how long), or does the string 
> freeze remain in effect?
All freezes (API, feature, string) remain in effect until trunk is open for 4.1 development.

> On a more general note: I suppose for people who are highly involved in kde 
> development this will not be a problem, and the information is accessible 
> somewhere, but as an on-and-off contributor, I've found myself confused about 
> what is or is not allowed at the moment, more than once. To me it would be 
> really helpful, if there was a large visible note right at the top of 
> (or some other 
> highly visible page), which always lists the freezes which are currently in 
> effect, and how long they are expected to stay in effect.
I'll see what I can do.

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