General Application Cleanup

Urs Wolfer uwolfer at
Mon Apr 23 13:38:55 CEST 2007

Hi all

In order to keep our quality, we should do a general application cleanup over 
all modules before the KDE 4.0 release. We have a lot of unmaintained 
applications that are horribly broken, apps that have a small userbase or 
apps that are to specific to keep them in a mainmodule.

Points for cleanup decisions:
* Is the app well maintained?
* Is the app in a good shape? If not, was it in a good shape in KDE 3 times?
* Are there a lot of issues on b.k.o? Check how often issues are reported.
When has the last issue been reported? If there are less open issues, but the 
app is not in a really good shape, this means the app has a small usebase.
* If it is an app with a small userbase, is it in a good shape? If it is, we 
can probably move it to extragear.
* Does that app duplicate functions with another app form a mainmodule?

We should decide which applications we are going to drop as soon as possible. 
When alpha / beta releases are out, people are going to test apps and will 
open bug reports for these apps. This time would be unnecessary lost...

My proposal: Every module release maintainer should go over the codebase and 
decide with the helping points above. For modules without a maintainer, 
everyone is free for doing this work. Before dropping anything, he should 
send a conclusion to this list. If we would do it on a more public list, we 
will get endless discussions (see the "Move KSirc to extragear" discussion). 
The module release maintainer should also inform the last known maintainer / 
developer. It there are no hard objections on this list, he can drop an app 
after one weeks time (and add it on our blackhole list [1]).


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