compiler for KDE4/win32 binary packages

Ralf Habacker ralf.habacker at
Thu Apr 12 17:11:17 CEST 2007

Jarosław Staniek schrieb:
> Stephan Kulow said the following, On 2007-04-12 11:00:
>>>>> On win32 we support two compilers to compile kde4. Because they're
>>>>> binary incompatible, it is not possible to mix mingw and msvc libs and
>>>>> executables and we have to take care that the end-user does not get
>>>>> into this situation. Also msvc is not supported by the open-source
>>>>> version of Qt4.
>>>>> So my question is - are there any objections against the plan to
>>>>> release binaries for mingw only?
>>>>> If not - can we somewhere write this down to avoid a discussion why not
>>>>> to release msvc binaries in the future?
>>>> I can see how it could matter for the reader of - but why
>>>> would it
>>>> matter for those downloading the release? Is there something I don't see?
>>> The Problem for the user is that he downloads a program compiled for mingw
>>> but only has installed msvc libs which does not work. -> The user is
>>> confused.
>> When you say msvc libs you're talking about kdelibs compiled with msvc, right?
>> If we only support mingw shipments as you suggest, I don't see that danger. I 
>> see no advantage for shipping msvc too - beside to developers. And these libs 
>> we need to hide well under cryptic names :)
> I thought the goal is to have libs for both compilers kept even in one dir, 
> thanks to prefixes/suffixes?
We will see. While some basic libraries are multi-compiler packaged like
strigi and win32libs, other package does not have such support. Recent
Qt release for mingw and msvc are using the same dll prefixes/suffixes.
I had submitted a relating patch to trolltech (mingw should have lib
prefix) but it will need some time to be in the main stream. May be we
have to fix more libraries.
Currently I'm using a separate installation root for mingw and msvc to
avoid interferences caused by loading wrong dll's. When the kde
packaging once is stabilized, we can design how to have common runtime
binaries. The most important thing today is to have a stable source base
to be able to build packages with a livetime at least more then a few
day :-)

A note about size of runtime binaries in the currently packaging mode.
kde support binary runtime (without kdelibs) needs about 30 MB
(win32libs,kdesupport,qt) and kdelibs binary runtime need about
additional 30 MB so that we have a sum of 60 MB for each supported
compiler. It may be that several dll's could be skipped in case of
single application packages, but we will see.


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