[rekonq] Rekonq Settings

Anton Kreuzkamp akreuzkamp at web.de
Tue Mar 27 20:02:06 UTC 2012

> >> I don't think so and in the following example you showed exactly this.
> >> In general IMHO dialogs are considered old-style way to show up things.
> >> Every app is doing this, not just KDE: i.e. the only browser having yet
> >> a dialog to ask you if you wanna save your password or not is IE.
> >> Everything is going to be integrated in the main view. And every app has
> >> one, not just browsers.
> > 
> > As html-webpage, inside the Webview can only be (reasonably) done by a
> > browser. In some other way (QWidget-based or QML-based) other applications
> > can integrate things into the main-view, too, yes. That's why I sent the
> > link to the calligra-idea (see below), which is a case where other apps
> > do exactly that.
> > I can imagine it to be quite nice to have e.g. settings integrated into
> > the
> > main-view. But the goal should imho be something every application can use
> > and then we should use the same techniques like used by other
> > applications (which would be something QWidget or QML based).
> I never though or talked about a settings page html-based. We have one
> QWidget-based and we can eventually move it to QML (eg: following the
> "Active Browser" road).
> We'll probably move to QML also the other rekonq pages in a near future.
Ah sorry, then I misunderstood you. Sounds great then :)


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