[rekonq] Why not use kwin tabs instead of internal tabs?

jonas gastal jgastal at gmail.com
Wed Mar 10 15:13:01 CET 2010

Here is the article I was referring to:

As can be seen on the section: "I can now make Konqueror act like Chromium!"
there is pretty much no support for making rekonq act like Chromium. By the
way I would be very happy if someone proved me wrong.

On Wed, Mar 10, 2010 at 12:39 PM, Lionel Chauvin <megabigbug at yahoo.fr>wrote:

> Le Mercredi 10 Mars 2010 13:25:00, jonas gastal a écrit :
> > I haven't looked at the code, however when the kwin tabbing was first
> > announced I read somewhere(I'll try to find it and put the reference
> here),
> > that this feature had no API for programs to create kwin tabs. So IF my
> > information is correct, what you're asking for can't be done.
> >
> > If anyone has information on an API to access/create/modify kwin tabs
> > please correct me.
> Currently, you can manually set kwin for group windows of an application.
> If you want create a tab, you create a window that will be grouped.
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