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Andrea Diamantini adjam7 at gmail.com
Fri Jun 4 01:06:53 CEST 2010

Hi all,
I'd like you all give attention for a second at the "search engine question".
I basically imposed  ( :) ) the actual solution because of clearness of use 
and of coding. Moreover, all major browsers adopt it, so I thought it could be 
the right one.

But... in KDE we have some things done strangely. Like this "default search 
engine" to be set in the webshortcuts settings. I just exposed my point of 
view about (that is not the "default search engine" really, but the default 
"web shortcut". And I can easily assume people doesn't know and/or doesn't use 
web shortcuts).
Moreover, this (not really being the default search engine..) can be set as 
none, letting easily crash an app assuming there has to be *one* search engine 

We also had one discussion here and one merge request rejected 
(http://gitorious.org/rekonq/mainline/merge_requests/2266). This patch solves 
the "none" search engine set, defaulting it to "google".
Moreover I noticed adawit (that is also KUriFilter developer..) committed some 
enhancements to that chain (available in SC 4.5).
So, considering that either solutions are enough "safe", what's your preferred 
choice? And why?

1) leave things as they are now

2) drop default engine settings in the "General UI", using default webshortcut 
as default engine (defaulting to google when not set)?


PS: Pano, after we decided for the string freeze we changed more strings that 
during all the development period :D
I'm thinking to an beta2 release for the next week, starting a real string 
freeze period and saying sorry about in i18n ml.
Sounds good?

Andrea Diamantini, adjam
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