[rekonq] Toolbar plans for 0.4?

Cédric Bellegarde gnumdk at adishatz.1s.fr
Tue Jan 26 14:04:35 CET 2010

Hello rekonq devs.

Is there any plan to finish Kde Toolbar integration for 0.4?

Is what is missing i think:
- Rekonq should have 3 toolbars: Navigation toolbar 
(back,forw,stop/reload,home), Url toolbar and Tools toolbar (Bookmarks and 
Tools). This make possible to have text alongside icons for navigation buttons 
and just icons for Tools (save space).
- Stop/Reload button doesn't looks good with text along side icons, it make Ui 
jump because button size change with text (stop vs reload). I try to find a way 
to specify a fixed size to this button but fail.


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