[rekonq] [RFC] the road to rekonq 0.3.0

Andrea Diamantini adjam7 at gmail.com
Fri Oct 9 00:13:07 CEST 2009

Here we are again, speaking about our next release and last things to do 
I'm really happy to be here again writing this, rekonq 0.2 release was August, 
21th, so less than 2 months after we are just ready for our next batch :)

I'd like to point out here the things to do before our first 
"QuiteStableSureRocking" release:

- write docs: help, please. Just one page, ten lines.. :)
- unit tests: I started yesterday working on, don't really know when they'll 
be ready
- fix tabbar: I'm thinking about setCornerWidget here, I'll try after this mail 
- add tabs action to shortcuts configurator
- ask user about resend form data on reload (should be trivial, but...?)

Some days ago, Lionel pointed out the question about choosing removing "last 
visited sites" and replacing with "last closed tabs".
I'd like to know your opinion about. For me, it's the same :)

After this fixes and cleaned bugzilla, we'll release 0.2.90. The time to 
translate and hear first voices (2 weeks at least) and we'll have rekonq 0.3.

Here we are, plans disclosed :)
Waiting for your comments,

Andrea Diamantini, adjam
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