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Sun Apr 19 23:32:13 CEST 2009

As discussed with kojot350 and DeKay on IRC, rekonq nearest future could be 
In next two days I'll merge (by hand, as our repositories quite differ now) all 
improvements I prove stables. From what I'm seeing now, it seems being the 
download system, the sidebar(s) and the contextual menu. And something other, 
So in one week we can release 0.1alpha and freeze strings. From then now you 
can sync your repos with mainline and starting for a bugfixing && translations 
short period.
When we are ok, we can release rekonq 0.1.
In that period, I hope you can also move unreleased or not ready features in 
branches, and hopefully reorganize them in short commits, as previously 
When 0.1 will be released, we'll restart dev, debating ALL features, API, 
classes and design changes and improvements together.

This short period plan sounds quite reasonable to me. If someone has something 
against, please say that here and now. Or at least, ASAP.

I'm really happy we could find a way to joyfully collaborate each other.
Best regards.

Andrea Diamantini
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