[Qtscript-bindings] signals/slots overriding

Peter Zhou peterzhoulei at gmail.com
Wed Aug 13 11:02:14 CEST 2008

how can I override a signal or a slot in a script?

for example,

qMetaTypeId<ScriptableServiceScript*>(), QScriptValue() );
    const QScriptValue ctor = engine->newFunction(
ScriptableServiceScript_prototype_ctor );
    const QScriptValue populate = engine->newFunction(
ScriptableServiceScript_prototype_populate );
    ctor.property( "prototype" ).setProperty( "populate", populate );
    engine->globalObject().setProperty( "ScriptableServiceScript", ctor );
    qScriptConnect( this, SIGNAL( populate( QString, int, int,
QString, QString ) ), QScriptValue() ,populate );

here's the code written in C++ which connects the populate signal to
the prototype_populate method

then define a child class in a script:

function CoolStream()
    ScriptableServiceScript.call( this, "Cool Streams", 1, "List of
some high quality radio streams", "Some really cool radio streams,
hand picked for your listening pleasure by your friendly Amarok
developers", false );

CoolStream.prototype.populate = function( serviceName, level,
parent_id, callbackData, filter )
    print( " Populating station level..." );
    //add the station streams as leaf nodes
    for ( i = 0; i < stationArray.length; i++ )
        name = stationArray[i].name;
        url = stationArray[i].url;
        html_info = "A cool stream called " + name;
        this.insertItem( serviceName, 0, name, html_info, url,
callback_string );
        this.donePopulating( serviceName, parent_id );

script = new CoolStream();

In this case, the populate method in the script will never be called



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