D5428: Add option to disable hover effects.

Hugo Pereira Da Costa noreply at phabricator.kde.org
Thu Apr 13 16:27:50 UTC 2017

hpereiradacosta added a comment.

  I'm not so much talking about the value of having the code upstream (of course everybody wants their code upstream, to get relieved from the maintenance burden), but on the feature itself, which in my opinion is too little to be upstreamed.
  as for the offer for maintaining the change, thanks for the offer but that is not how it works. Either you would step in as an official breeze maintainer, or I would have to dispatch bugs to relevant people who orriginally did the commit. Which is an extra burden for me. (I know: this already happens for the wayland stuff, of which I know nothing). Beside, for every change I would have to make in the future, I should also be responsible for breaking this extra feature which in itself I don't find usefull.
  Again. Some insight from VDG and UX folks would help.

  R31 Breeze


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