Default touch screen edge gestures

Martin Gräßlin mgraesslin at
Tue Apr 11 13:59:42 UTC 2017

Am 11. April 2017 15:27:54 MESZ schrieb Marco Martin <notmart at>:
>On Tuesday 11 April 2017, Martin Gräßlin wrote:
>> >
>> >or, by default only have gestures on top and bottom edge, and leave
>> >left and
>> >right to applications (which, the user is free to override)
>> on Wayland applications cannot take any edge anyway as they don't
>> their position. Which means that technically edge swipe is
>constrained to
>> the compositor.
>well, if the compositor doesn't manage it and just passes events to the
>application, then the application would receive touch events and do its
>thing... if the application is at the edge, qtquickcomponents drawers
>just work, even if the app has no idea where in the screen it is

this can only work if:
- the window borders the screen
- is not decorated
- there is no panel
- or is fullscreen

For the common case of notebook with touch screen this is too vague and the fullscreen case should be handled anyway.

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