Complex text input in Plasma

Takao Fujiwara tfujiwar at
Mon Apr 10 08:46:48 UTC 2017

On 04/07/17 22:46, Martin Gräßlin-san wrote:
> Am 2017-04-07 07:56, schrieb Takao Fujiwara:
>>> Due to that: no chance for IM controlling part of our stack. We control the IM.
>> Probably I think this way would not work with IBus.
>> Each IBus IME are called by IBus dbus method. You hardly ask each IME
>> maintainer to change the protocol.
>> IBus daemon would be the controller of IBUs IMEs.
> I think I need to describe in a better way how I envision the future architecture.
> I want to have the IM daemon merged into the wayland compositor. So KWin would talk directly with the IM through library calls and the composed text
> would be sent from KWin to the application through the Wayland text-input protocol.

Probably I'd think KWin does not have to merge IM daemon and I hope we can make DBus proceses more secure.
Also I think virtual keyboards does not need to implement IM and they can enable IM with the shortcuts outside IM implementations.

Probably you have to support copy & paste between applications and support protocols between processes.

> I want to eliminate the IPC between applications and IM daemon.
> If we are going to touch this code we can strive for the best solution and not keep stuck on the approach used on X11. And yes that might need
> adjusting the IMEs. But they need to be adjusted anyway. We wouldn't have this discussion if it would just work on Wayland.

I guess just implementing Plasma Wayland with the current IM modules also will causes many regressions as GNOME did.


> Cheers
> Martin

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