Complex text input in Plasma

Takao Fujiwara tfujiwar at
Mon Apr 10 07:23:16 UTC 2017

On 04/09/17 01:46, Martin Gräßlin-san wrote:
> Am 2017-04-08 17:26, schrieb Weng Xuetian:
>> You're wrong about the QT_IM_MODULE stuff. To make application to use the
>> wayland protocol to type (text-input), the implementation must be done with
>> QT_IM_MODULE=wayland. I don't mind if it is set to certain application but set
>> it in general won't work. Also to have real virtual keyboard , you need to let
>> the input method daemon to provides a virtual keyboard implementation.
> No you are wrong about that one :-) It might be that it used to be like that, but Wayland is the default if no QT_IM_MODULE is specified. See
>> And also, merging more and more daemon into kwin is not always good even from
>> security point of view. The problem is, once it got merged, the whole memory
>> space is being exposed. Which means, if there's a single piece of code is
>> vulnerable, it will affect the whole compositor. We are not perfect people, and
>> that's why put more code together will make it more vulnerable to attacker. If
>> you consider that, your prevention of ptrace on kwin becomes nothing and so
>> does your effort to make kwin not loading some random plugin (prevent
>> ld_preload and qt_plugins_path?).
> The security of the system breaks with the weakest link. Whether the IM daemon is insecure by running standalone or inside KWin isn't a difference.

I think the weakest link still can make more secure in the protocol.
I'd suggest to make Plasma Wayland with the current IM modules in the first stage since I guess there will be many regressions in Plasma Wayland.
Currently I'm also involved a discussion how to secure the DBus in the GNOME side and I also think it could be utilized for Plasma Wayland.

Otherwise I think it might be difficult to support Plasma in some distributions.

Wayland staffs has contributed in the IBus and GNOME connection for a long time ago.
But it's not used in GNOME yet.

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