D5301: Introduce support for keyboard layout switching policies

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Wed Apr 5 04:54:15 UTC 2017

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  In https://phabricator.kde.org/D5301#99812, @hein wrote:
  > My intention was just to speak up on what our eventual goals for text input on Plasma need to be
  I don't have any goals there as I don't have any idea of what is required. If I would put up goals I'm pretty sure that what comes out of it is completely useless for anybody who needs it.
  >   (move beyond layouts into input languages, manage a IME daemon, improve support for things like emoji input and typing-booster, etc.).
  I can tell you only for emoji that this cannot work through normal keyboard input. There are neither key codes nor key symbols representing emoji. Thus it's not possible to use the wl_keyboard interface for them. This probably needs to go through a variant of text input and is thus completely orthogonal to the work done here.
  > (I'll add that on X11 the keyboard layout stuff is hairy - normally you have kwin/xkb doing things, but when you use ibus, it takes over keyboard layout management and you have to set xkb options through ibus (which means users who need ibus for an IME can't use any of the Plasma settings UI). Hopefully we can make that better in the Wayland world somehow.)
  That's of course problematic and shows the general problem of apps not working together on X11. On Wayland that won't work as the compositor is the only one who can setup xkb.

  R108 KWin


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