D5243: if the user did set an implicit size, keep it

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Mon Apr 3 13:14:17 UTC 2017

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  ‎[22:08] ‎<‎Sho_‎>‎ notmart: if you redefine a property with different NOTIFY signals, do the other signals from the baseclass still work, too?
  ‎[22:09] ‎<‎Sho_‎>‎ notmart: also, why do you need different NOTIFY signals, can't you just emit the base class ones?
  ‎[22:09] ‎<‎notmart‎>‎ Sho_: the implicitWidthChanged signal seen from qml side should become the new one if i'm right
  ‎[22:09] --> s8321414 (~s8321414 at has joined this channel.
  ‎[22:10] ‎<‎notmart‎>‎ no, apparently i can't put a signal from the superclass in the q_property definition :/
  ‎[22:10] ‎<‎Sho_‎>‎ hmm
  ‎[22:10] ‎<‎Sho_‎>‎ so if the base class emits implicitWidthChanged, the prop still notifies, too?
  ‎[22:10] ‎<‎Sho_‎>‎ or only on your implicitWidthChanged2?
  ‎[22:10] ‎<‎Sho_‎>‎ because if it's the latter you need more connects
  ‎[22:13] ‎<‎notmart‎>‎ hmm, i should test it a bit more i guess :/
  ‎[22:13] ‎<‎Sho_‎>‎ unit tests
  ‎[22:13] ‎<‎Sho_‎>‎ :-)
  ‎[22:13] ‎<‎notmart‎>‎ i don't like that patch as redefining properties in c++ is a really messy thing
  ‎[22:14] ‎<‎Sho_‎>‎ aye

  R242 Plasma Framework (Library)


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