Review Request 128417: Retain original task button sort order when in manual sort mode and plasmashell restarts.

Xuân Baldauf at
Sun Jul 10 00:15:06 UTC 2016

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Review request for Plasma.

Repository: plasma-workspace


This is the first step towards not loosing the sort order of the task buttons in the task bar, even when plasmashell crashes and the user has a specific manual sort order. For now, we use the sort order imposed by the creation time (so the user can affect the sort order simply by ordering the creation of the windows).

Once this patch is successful, we can expand sort order storage by storing the manual sort order offset in the X window properties each time that offset changes. This will make plasmashell crashes less damaging to a user who prefers a certain task button sort order (for the duration of the X session).


  libtaskmanager/CMakeLists.txt 9c3e15e 
  libtaskmanager/tasksmodel.cpp bf37042 
  libtaskmanager/xwindowtasksmodel.h d24a7d5 
  libtaskmanager/xwindowtasksmodel.cpp c1e9495 



Testing was performed under openSUSE 42.1 against KDE Plasma 5.7


Xuân Baldauf

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