Minutes Monday Plasma Meeting

Sebastian K├╝gler sebas at kde.org
Mon Feb 29 12:10:19 UTC 2016

Minutes Plasma 'hangout', 29-2-2016, 12:00 CET

Present: mgraesslin, notmart, Riddell, colomar, kbroulik, d_ed, lucas, sebas

* cursor icon works properly, though QtWayland doesn't support animated 
cursors and doesn't support bitmap cursors
* cursortheme kcm ported to Wayland, though preview doesn't work due to 
mentioned QtWayland deficits
* working on Drag'n'Drop - almost working
* touch and drag not implemented, how do we want that

* New systray: last fixes, same icon sizes compared to old tray, better 
ordering of icons (most recent nearest to taskbar), saner tooltips
* some bug hunting
* new shiny phone lockscreen
* helped a bit investigating the painful "wrong frame" problem in kicker
* further fixes on the morphingpopups effect, blur is always on during morphs 
* with kai, fixing the Applet::setConfigurationRequired stuff that wasn't 
needed so far (and give a qml friendly api)
* mobile components: merged the default "page title/breadcrumb component"
* default margins in pages "to save C developers from themselves"
* new handles icons (hamburger and kebab morphing into arrows)

- Did a bunch of bug fixes to FolderView: you can now also choose between list 
view and the traditional icon view when it's placed in a panel
- Fixed a bug in User Switcher not working with screen locking enabled, is in 
5.5.5 but I couldnt reproduce a crash people were having in there
- A few improvements to Media Controller
- I also experimented a bit with a visual effect for frozen windows and also 
with mnemonics in QtQuick
- https://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=357413 btw that's the user switcher 
- And lastly, "Uninstall app" broken in Kickoff (probably due to Kicker port), 
unfortunately the code would do a sync query to packagekit to determin the app 
name so I didn't fix/enable it because otherwise kickoff blocks for several 
seconds whenever you right clicked an entry

- will do a wayland ISO
- Plasma 5.5 is due tomorrow

- Do we use "Plasma by KDE", or "KDE Plasma"? Most people prefer "KDE Plasma"

- Found out why widget explorer is slow: we're not loading icons, but 
complicated SVGs uncached
- will work on that this week, and 5.5 stuff

- Plasma 5.6 video progress
- official you tube channel (there is a discussion on the kde promo)
- I will need a stable base for recording with a nvidia properitary driver, 
will wait for the beta and use neon iso or openSUSE Argon

- owncloud client split: got the owncloud devs something to comment on:
    - https://github.com/owncloud/client/pull/4515
    - https://github.com/owncloud/client/pull/4514


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