Review Request 127201: Fix svg icon path resolving in IconItem

Xuetian Weng wengxt at
Sun Feb 28 17:15:32 UTC 2016

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(Updated Feb. 28, 2016, 5:15 p.m.)

Review request for KDE Frameworks, Plasma, Kai Uwe Broulik, David Rosca, and Marco Martin.


Fixes for David Rosca's comment

Repository: plasma-framework


Well.. the bug should be obvious:
1. QString iconPath overrides the iconPath in a higher scope. introduced in
2. iconPath not assigned, also introduced in
3. svgz -> svg?? introduced in

Diffs (updated)

  autotests/data/bug359388/hicolor/22x22/apps/bug359388.svg PRE-CREATION 
  autotests/data/icons/hicolor/22x22/apps/bug359388.svg 8739af5 
  autotests/data/icons/test-theme/apps/22/tst-plasma-framework-test-icon.svg PRE-CREATION 
  autotests/data/icons/test-theme/apps/32/tst-plasma-framework-test-icon.svg PRE-CREATION 
  autotests/data/icons/test-theme/apps/48/konversation.svg PRE-CREATION 
  autotests/data/icons/test-theme/index.theme PRE-CREATION 
  autotests/iconitemtest.h 9fd3063 
  autotests/iconitemtest.cpp ea98c9d 
  src/declarativeimports/core/iconitem.cpp c65a9a7 



tested with qmlscene with Plasma.IconItem.


Xuetian Weng

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