Theming issues noted while porting Weather applet

Marco Martin notmart at
Sat Feb 27 17:13:28 UTC 2016

On Saturday 27 February 2016, Friedrich W. H. Kossebau wrote:
> Hi,
> happy to have the weather applet almost revived and good enough to have
> your eyes on it (hopefully in time for 5.6), see parallel emails for
> https://
> Some issues I noticed which seem unrelated to the weather applet code, are
> these known or should be filed as bugs? (Seen with Plasma 5.5.4)
> * PlasmaCore.FrameSvgItem seems to not update to changes of the Plasma
> color theme, stays with theme current on start

that should update, perhaps there is still a problem on lower level for 

> * QtControls.ComboBox drop-down menu background seems to ignore Plasma
> color theme (results in white on white text with dark Breeze theme)

wel,, it should only use system color palettes, at least, there should be no 
combobox in the applet itself only in the config dialog and there the system 
theme/colors should be used?

Marco Martin

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