[Differential] [Updated] D986: Revamp of the activity switcher backend

ivan (Ivan Čukić) noreply at phabricator.kde.org
Thu Feb 18 23:24:37 UTC 2016

ivan marked 2 inline comments as done.

  imports/activitymanager/backport/model_updaters.h:3 It is a really old file from KActivities. I didn't want to change the year just because it was copied here.
  imports/activitymanager/backport/switcheractivitiesmodel.cpp:281 .contains would search for the pointer value, and not for any pointer that represents the same activity like it does now (the collection is sorted by activity name and id).
  Now, this might be faster with std::find_if since it is a small collection, and serial search is faster than binary for small ranges, but I don't want to optimize prematurely.
  imports/activitymanager/backport/switcheractivitiesmodel.cpp:323 The state change influences whether the activity is shown in the model or not, it has a special handler.
  imports/activitymanager/backport/switcheractivitiesmodel.cpp:372 Heh, switching from boost classes...
  imports/activitymanager/sortedactivitiesmodel.cpp:239 The source model calls dataChanged because it changes the current property of activities. And it works. Now, this might be made more robust by calling sort when lasttimeused is changed.

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