plasma grub theme unified design

Marco Martin notmart at
Thu Feb 18 15:43:58 UTC 2016

On Thursday 18 February 2016 14:53:48 kainz.a wrote:
> I would suggest to make an more cosmetic change for 5.6 where we change the
> bug's thomas added 3 mounths ago about the button background and in the
> next release circle the finalized design. But I think when we change to the
> plasma blue background and the button background we can improve the layout
> with less work and for 5.7 we finalize it with an long enough test phase.
> what do you think?

a list of graphical changes would be nice, at this point of development just 
(i don't see many mockups, especially of all the possible states, and for the 
few instances, I see a bit of a confusion between sddm and lockscreen)

as a minor thing for 5.6, i would change ksplash to start with the dark bar 
where it is, same height as the dark bar of sddm and having the kde logo 
sliding in instead, would at least look continuous with the current design.

A serious redesign of all the components at the very start of the development 

Marco Martin

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