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Thu Feb 18 13:20:18 UTC 2016


the VDG is working on an unified design from the boot to the shut down.
therefore we workon a grub2, plymouth, sddm, ksplah theme. we have a wiki
page which
will be updated when we have access again.

grub theme is finished and ready for testers here is an movie how it
look like

all our stuff is stored at

- grub is ready for testers
- plymounth harald is working on it
- sddm theme mockup is finished dev's are welcome
- ksplash mockup is there I will have a look if I can make it myself

if someone know how to make an sddm theme or an ksplash theme. you are more
than welcome. My goal is to have everything ready for the plasma 5.6
release. If I don't catch the goal, ...

Andreas Kainz
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