RFC: plasma logo as start menu icon and ksplash logo

kainz.a kainz.a at gmail.com
Wed Feb 3 18:05:42 UTC 2016

it's funny that you discuss about branding and nobody of the plasma dev's
know HIS logo.

so the discussion should not be which logo and why nobody knows the plasma
brand. the question should be we need a brand and therefore we need logos
for defined sizes, banners, community stuff (t-shirt,...) and we need if
for the 5.6 release

so community and vdg come with examples now.

but we can also discuss why nobody don't know the plasma brand. the dev's
don't know there brand to.

Am 03.02.2016 18:52 schrieb "Marco Martin" <notmart at gmail.com>:

> On Wednesday 03 February 2016 16:24:10 David Edmundson wrote:
> > If you mean this one?
> > https://dot.kde.org/sites/dot.kde.org/files/plasma-mobile-logo.png
> > Sure.
> >
> > Anything more radical I'm against as it breaks not only our current
> > branding, but all screenshot based tutorials.
> the problem is that the current branding is quite broken.
> the problem is going the last mile to make people stop saying "I use KDE"
> :p
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> Marco Martin
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