KActivities split, 2nd phase

Ivan Čukić ivan.cukic at kde.org
Tue Feb 2 22:01:38 UTC 2016

> I would prefer it together with the library..

I do agree, the only reason why I wanted to move it out is that
kactivities would not be able to be tier1 in that case - the QML
imports use i18n (this one could be easily removed), kio and kconfig
(these two are for getting the activity wallpaper - if plasma provided
wallpapers via d-bus, it would not be a problem).

> either plasma-desktop/kcms?
> kio-extras?

These seem the most convenient places for me as well.

One thing that needs to be coordinated is the release. On which
framework version will the next release of plasma and friends depend?
In that release I could remove non-library parts from kactivities, and
they will be moved to the agreed locations for that release of plasma.


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