Plasma Bugs - a stricter approach

Marco Martin notmart at
Tue Feb 2 15:01:37 UTC 2016

On Monday 01 February 2016 21:49:51 David Edmundson wrote:
> I am sick of the current distribution of Plasma bug triage/fixing. [1].
> I've brought it up many many times in every meeting and no-one has done
> anything except talk.
> Bugs are the most important part of making a quality product, which is our
> ultimate goal. Bug triage and fixing is a crucial part of being a
> maintainer. You can't just cherry-pick the fun bits.

some time ago, we tried to take a day a week with few hours apart to go over 
bugs of a single component.
later that practice fade away, but could be good to reinstate it.

Marco Martin

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