Review Request 123280: Kickoff - Properly register recent applications right after startup

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Thu Apr 16 13:09:09 UTC 2015

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Review request for Plasma.


Different approach: we fix the problem in the internal application list. 
Say you start Kickoff, and click on an application in the favorites. Kickoff will populate a list from the saved items in the config file, and assign them timestamps (current time, current time + 1s, etc...). Then it will add the new entry with a timestamp (current time). This last entry will have a timestamp older than the artificial timestamps assigned to the items from the config file. 
We obviously don't want this so we make sure the artificial timestamps are always older than the current time.

Repository: plasma-desktop

Description (updated)

This does two things:
- Instantiate the RecentlyUsedModel at startup, otherwise it's not available
until the History tab is opened and this leads to some mixing in the recent
apps list/the list not being updated until then.~~

- Move the registration of the service handler to the launcher, so that the
apps launched from the Favorites tab are registered without having to open
the Applications tab first.

Diffs (updated)

  applets/kickoff/core/applicationmodel.cpp 9af58a36d5c3349ad1f2bffd0f7f93eebd99663e 
  applets/kickoff/core/recentapplications.cpp 6c60fedcca1b0818179171a2d65c36ed3dd66787 
  applets/kickoff/core/urlitemlauncher.cpp 58a6c20cec60ede54ea55d927064eaf8af9b4f46 



Launched applications from Favorites and Applications tab without opening the History tab first, items are added correctly.


Anthony Vital

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