Review Request 123332: Timer: Added config ui for notification and title text

Bernhard Friedreich friesoft at
Mon Apr 13 19:33:37 UTC 2015

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(Updated April 13, 2015, 7:33 nachm.)

Review request for Plasma.


Updated the diff with the latest fillWidth changes - still doesn't resize the TextEdits properly to the full width..

Repository: kdeplasma-addons


Added config ui for specifying a title text
Added config ui for disabling the notification (default: enabled)
Added config ui for configuring the notification text

Diffs (updated)

  applets/timer/package/contents/config/main.xml 886bcd413ff68b4b5b092409dbc5f0e4aff273dc 
  applets/timer/package/contents/ui/configAdvanced.qml c315c89249ae5f926c46a901e0358162a067cea4 
  applets/timer/package/contents/ui/configAppearance.qml ceb97326b8192a9dfe80b6753c0fd0a7e3010095 
  applets/timer/package/contents/ui/timer.qml 82fee524f51f06f522fc8c556a7454ab6840d1a3 



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Appearance Config Ui (showing the defaults)


Bernhard Friedreich

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