ISO for 2015-04-10

Harald Sitter sitter at
Fri Apr 10 13:46:27 UTC 2015

This ISO is created from yesterday's Plasma master as the branching
made a bit of a mess today.

Starting next week until final Plasma 5.3.0 the ISO will use stable
integration builds (i.e. kde applications 15.04 branch + kde
frameworks master branch + plasma 5.3 branch) to help with pre-release
focus testing. That being said, this ISO contains approximately what
will be Plasma 5.3 beta.

# changes
- kwayland and libkscreen integrating correctly again
- most of the core qml packages have now correct runtime dependencies
thanks to fancy new QA tech
- plasma-sdk available for installation

# errata
- on the initial installer dialog the window decoration is completely
busted and rendering entirely black most of the time. not sure where
the problem is, it's a recent change though

# long standing errata
- all issues affecting Kubuntu 15.04, nothing major known right now
- the ISO is rolled using the CI landing PPA due to stabilization
blockage from missing bluez5. this in turn means that upgrades
potentially won't work or break half way through as the underlying PPA
breaks ever so often. bluedevil is probably getting removed from
integration next week as bluez5 won't land in Kubuntu 15.04 (going to
be re-added once bluez5 lands for 15.10).

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