Plasma 5.3 changelog

Kai Uwe Broulik kde at
Tue Apr 7 18:51:50 UTC 2015


a lot of fancy new stuff in the power management department, most notably:

- Activity config returned, allowing to configure power management settings 
differently for certain activities
- Laptop will not suspend when closing the lid while an external monitor is 
connected ("cinema mode", by default, can be turned off)
- PM inhibitions now block lock screen too (Lukas implemented)
- Screen brightness changes are now animated on certain hardware (those 
supporting it via XRandR, the sysfs helper is too fragile)
- No longer suspends when eg. closing the lid while shutting down
- Support for keyboard brightness (as well as screen but that I didn't do ;) 
controls on lock screen 
- Energy kcm (thanks to David for help and Marco for the underlying QML KCM 
infrastructure) providing statistics about energy consumption etc

- Minor UI changes in battery monitor (now has "config" button in the 
plasmoid, will also link to energy kcm in the future I suppose; no longer 
shows percentage for brightness; now explains unchecking "enable PM" means; no 
longer lets you completely turn off backlight on certain hardware)
- Battery monitor now shows which applications are currently holding a PM 
inhibition ("Chrome is currently suppressing PM: Playing video") and also 
shows when the laptop won't suspend because external screen (s.a.)
- Various usability (keyboard navigation) and performance (Animators) 
improvements all over the place (toolbox, widget explorer, kickoff, klipper, 
- Various fixes for notes applet (is now proper textarea with context menu, 
formatting buttons no longer leak outside etc)

Kai Uwe

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