Plasma 5.3 changelog

Martin Gräßlin mgraesslin at
Tue Apr 7 08:03:51 UTC 2015

On Monday 06 April 2015 21:07:17 Eike Hein wrote:
> Hiyo,
> we're freezing this week, so it's time to gather the changes
> for the promo folks again. I'll start with the noteworthy
> stuff in my components:

* XInput2 devices are grabbed: increases security for setups with multiple 
independent devices
* Support for some global shortcuts (like multimedia keys)
* Support for on-screen-display messages (e.g. volume/brightness changes)
* Inhibition when media (e.g. video) is played

* Clipboard applet gains support for showing barcodes
* Media control global shortcuts are configured to control mpris2 applications

* support starting a nested kwin_wayland under X11
* support starting kwin_wayland on /dev/fb0
* support starting an Xwayland server
* see

If I remember more things I'll fill it in (KWin has about 200 commits).

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