Review Request 117681: showdesktop plasma addon: Add option to restrict size on large panels

Gregor Mi codestruct at
Sat Apr 4 16:13:40 UTC 2015

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This change has been discarded.

Review request for Plasma, Dominik Haumann and Sebastian K├╝gler.

Repository: kdeplasma-addons


This adds the option "Restrict size on large panels" (taken from to the showdesktop plasma applet.

I am aware that c++ applets will go away in favour of QML based ones with plasma 2. So this review request is meant for discussion and to settle the code base of the extended behaviour before the porting to QML starts.

Detailed changes:
- fix compiler warning in sizeHint(...)
- add "General" config page to applet settings
  - implement "Restrict size on large panels" (and reformat source file showdesktop.h)
- add .reviewboardrc
- add .gitignore to ignore build and development files


  .gitignore PRE-CREATION 
  .reviewboardrc PRE-CREATION 
  applets/showdesktop/CMakeLists.txt eb532075cbe8ff734bebdfc8d35af7e9e9f5c32d 
  applets/showdesktop/showdesktop.h 5aeb8481df824f6ea9d7969cf544876f5fb3473c 
  applets/showdesktop/showdesktop.cpp d712519918fcf2efe4dbbb5337a29316d53e759a 
  applets/showdesktop/showdesktopConfig.ui PRE-CREATION 



yes, using plasmoidviewer


Gregor Mi

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