ISO for 2015-04-03

Harald Sitter sitter at
Fri Apr 3 07:34:45 UTC 2015

# changes
- screenlocker is disabled in the live session
- mouse cursor should use the breeze theme everywhere now
- plasma-nm has been migrated from libmm-qt to modemmanager-qt (now a
framework). please note that the stable PPAs continue to use libmm-qt
until plasma 5.3 is branched (has no impact on the ISO though)

# errata
- kwayland had an interface ABI break without soversion bump which
blocked builds of kwayland and kwin today, they are using a version
from yesterday
- libkscreen is also the version from yesterday since a symbol
retraction was not whitelisted before the ISO spun (should be fine
next week)

# random PPA errata
- due to a rather hastily migration from LXC to docker for build
containment, utopic snapshotting for daily and weekly PPAs is
presently not working

# long standing errata
- all issues affecting Kubuntu 15.04, nothing major known right now
- the ISO is rolled using the CI landing PPA due to stabilization
blockage from missing bluez5. this in turn means that upgrades
potentially won't work or break half way through as the underlying PPA
breaks ever so often.

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