Selecting wallpaper during Activity creation

David Edmundson david at
Fri Feb 28 12:22:59 UTC 2014

I've not seen much of Plasma Active but that idea certainly does look sensible.

It's the first thing I change when I make an activity, as it's one of
the easiest ways to tell activities apart.

Our current inline editing of the activity name and icon could
certainly be improved; being a larger more "in your face" dialog will
make everything less cramped and allow us to put in some labels
explain the config a lot better.

>From the technical side, the wallpaper config comes from a plugin
system anyway, so adding it here wouldn't duplicate much code. The
containment exists at the point where you're editing an activity even
for a new activity, but right now I don't think the activity manager
UI can access it.

Possible downside is it ties in the notion that activities are just
about wallpapers and widgets which isn't really the case, and not
something we want people to think.


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