Review Request 116027: High dpi support for Svg

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Wed Feb 26 15:42:07 UTC 2014

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Review request for Plasma.

Repository: plasma-framework


This gives support in Svg for devicePixelRatio, just exposed in the api from Svg side.

on the component side, it sets the devicepixelratio of the svg and framesvg with units.
devicepixelratio is always set integer in the svg, so needs at least 192dpi to double up.
(it needs to be integer to have lines contained inside a svg piece to keep being pixel aligned)


  src/declarativeimports/core/framesvgitem.h e348c4c 
  src/declarativeimports/core/framesvgitem.cpp 1826d88 
  src/declarativeimports/core/svgitem.h c8be7cc 
  src/declarativeimports/core/svgitem.cpp e90751a 
  src/declarativeimports/plasmacomponents/qml/ToolButton.qml 2319879 
  src/plasma/framesvg.h 482956d 
  src/plasma/framesvg.cpp 9e1a53e 
  src/plasma/private/framesvg_p.h 1bbc744 
  src/plasma/private/svg_p.h 332efda 
  src/plasma/svg.h 01d98f8 
  src/plasma/svg.cpp 9ec2aa5 



unfortunately i can only test by hardcoding different values and check if the layout of the widgets stays correct, and is fine, it would be needed somebody with a retina screen to see it really in action


Marco Martin

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