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Tue Feb 25 09:50:12 UTC 2014

Hello Harshit,

This is not exactly a critical idea, but I would like the opinion of people
> working in this project before deciding upon it's implementation.
>     Thank you for your involvement in the discussion of the ideas.

Does the Plasma Media Center needs to have changing backgrounds? We can
> implement it as an option (user-select) in the settings menu.
Well, its a nice suggestion, but personally I feel black texture background
seems elegant enough for the application. Since we have opacity features
while browsing through different categories and all, I think if the user
selects some background which is very bright or something, our Plasma White
coloured font, time stamp at bottom, and other texture features would not
look nice.

Shantanu and Sinny, whats your opinion regarding this ?

Akshay Ratan

> On Tue, Feb 25, 2014 at 12:07 AM, R.Harish Navnit <harishnavnit at>wrote:
>> Hello all,
>>              I was unfortunate not to be there with you all for the
>>, which as I've been hearing was a huge success. I feel
>> really gutted about the same. I'd have so dearly loved to have attended a
>> few workshops on programming with Qt and KDE API's(if there were any).
>> But another important thing that was mentioned to me was that during the
>> the ideas critical to PMC would be mentioned. I hope that
>> there has been some resolution on the same.
>> I'm starting this thread, hoping to hear some of the ideas that you may
>> have. It'd be great if someone could spread some light on the current
>> scenario on regarding the same.
>> Maybe the next critical Idea stems from this thread :)
>> Warm Regards.
>> Thanking You,
>> R.Harish Navnit
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