Review Request 115902: Force backgroundcontrast during slidingpopup animations

Sebastian Kügler sebas at
Thu Feb 20 01:24:13 UTC 2014

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Review request for kwin and Plasma.

Repository: kde-workspace


Force backgroundcontrast during slidingpopup animations

This fixes the sliding popups losing their contrast effect when
animating, less flicker.

In this patch, we temporarily force the contrast effect on, but only if
it hasn't been explicitely disabled. As soon as the animation stops, the
force flag is disabled again. For disappearing windows, we just set the
flag in the same way, but skip over the bookkeeping, since the window is
going to be deleted, anyway.


  kwin/effects/slidingpopups/slidingpopups.h f66e42ec4205c6a9d0375a89d0f5cc07ab163365 
  kwin/effects/slidingpopups/slidingpopups.cpp 4f0a9ea11db858b1d4233330662c3a35c5a956f6 



Slowed down effects, made sure the contrast effect is applied correctly, made sure the bookkeeping is OK. No visible side-effects observed.


Sebastian Kügler

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