Minutes Monday Plasma hangout

Sebastian Kügler sebas at kde.org
Mon Feb 17 12:26:11 UTC 2014

Plasma Meeting February, 17th, 2014

Present: Alex Fiestas, David Edmundson, Giorgos Tsiapaliokas, Marco Martin, 
Martin Grässlin, Martin Klapetek, Jens Reuterberg, Antonis Tsiapaliokas, 
Sebastian Kügler, Vishesh Handa, 

- finished wallet work (it's secure now!)
- works on kdeinit now (benchmarking and profiling to make it lighter)
- researches overlap with systemd, where can we use systemd?

- started notes plasmoid (davidedmundson/notes)
- debugging proxymodel, fixed problem
- fixed toolbox problems
- various improvements in tooltip
- other bugfixes
- profiling: looking at memory consumption of Plasma
- finished global shortcuts
- will create solution kquickaddons

- Nothing to report (had university exams)

- Discussing theme changes for Plasma Next
- New icon theme on the way, migration will start with mimetypes and places 
(sketch at: http://wstaw.org/m/2014/02/15/mock.png )
- will come up with layout guides for plasmoids and apps shortly
- color scheme draft: 

- Worked with Jens on theming and icons
- Fixed problems in dialog, 
- Almost all panel modes work now (but autohide)
- Fixed immutability for plasmoids
- fixed wallpaper slideshow models

Martin G:
- QtWayland still needs love
- SNI QPA stuff is currently hanging on Qt CI infrastructure
- Did all the hacking under Wayland
- Reviewed all frameworks for X11 usage, most is fixed & merged
- Requested non-X11 builds
- Started porting baseapps (because he needed kfind)
- Ported konqueror, documented porting issues
- Looked at CSD in QtWayland (bound to one broken theme right now :/)
- Trying to get KDecorations work under WL
- Screenedges / autohide in kwin: some problems to be worked out

Martin K:
- Worked on notifications
- Replacement is working, waiting for review 
- KNotify needs relicensing (some code moves into a framework)
- Started looking at notifications plasmoid: needs some internal changes
- wants to get rid of tabs, but not of history
- only persistant notifications are historied
- Ran into memleak in dialog, will assist Marco in fixing
- discussion about OSD icons, latest iteration (draft): 
- To do more work on notifications this week

- Worked on new KCM for Baloo
- Worked on polishing Milou
- Works on KRunner this week
- Qt5 port of Baloo almost working

- theme switching merged (needs fix in Plasma SVG to reparse 
- Wallpapers merged (needs small interaction fix to select newly opened 
  - loads the correct size now
  - single wallpapers work
  - package installation now works
  - view and UI is much nicer
  - positioning modes work (tile non-centered is gone)
  - various other small bugs fixed
- declared release schedule final
  -> to put in wiki
  -> blog about it
- to look at pager, finish up
- To look into why kickoff doesn't show applications here
- Fix kickoff doesn't update on panel location change


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