Minutes Monday Plasma hangout

Sebastian Kügler sebas at kde.org
Mon Feb 10 12:37:43 UTC 2014

Present: Alex Fiestas, David Edmundson, Jens Reuterberg, Marco Martin, Martin 
Gräßlin, Sebastian Kügler, Vishesh Handa

10th February, 2014, 12:00 CET

- plasmoids can now be dbus-activated (will blog)
- positive feedback to highdpi
- wants to merge themeswitch branch
- did some sketching for a wallpaper dialog, will implement

- Baloo is merged in master, almost done for 4.x
- Will start work on krunner w/ Aleix

- got KWindowSystem to build without X11 (means: two builds)
- Can run Kate and Konsole on Wayland now (even with KDE integration plugin) 
- is now looking into drkonqi
- is dog-fooding now to get as many issues as possible shaken out
- tries fixing oxygen windeco on WL
- submitted new hint for undecorated windows to EWMH (to get rid of Motif)

- Merged branch with attached properties (see 
http://notmart.org/blog/2014/02/making-plasmoids-qml-api-better/ )
- systemtray needs some more work for having multiple systrays work
- Fixes in tooltips
- Improvements to popup-slide effect in progress

- Setting up group of designers
- Talking to journalists
- Get work out that already exist
- Work on logos (Baloo, e.g.)
- Planning porting icon themes

- Bugfixing all over the place
- will fix more bugs listed for plasma-shell product
- wants to move notes plasmoid into kde-workspace (into generic)
- Fix tooltips atop panel popups

- PAM module for kwallet works in Plasma 1 now
- Talks with Teo and Valentin about KSecretService in KF5

General Remarks:
- it would be nice if we could somehow streamline the different things that 
"install things" and have backends (ghns, bodega, muon, packagekit, ...)
- testing Baloo / Milou is important now
- need to file bug in ghns about downloading data
- need to add artwork freeze to schedule

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