Proposal: make libplasmaquick semi-privare

Sebastian Kügler sebas at
Fri Feb 14 16:49:21 UTC 2014

On Friday, February 14, 2014 16:38:29 Marco Martin wrote:
> I want to propose the following for the first plasma-next release (actually 
> for the first frameworks release with plasma-framework in it)
> right now plasma-framework provides two libraries: libplasma that is purely 
> logic-only, no qml (of which i'm quite confident in offering it as a
> general purpose library)
> and libplasmaquick (that should be namespaced, btw), fot qml stuff, which i 
> think should undergo some serious api review before making any real final
> release.
> I would like for now to *not* install headers for libplasmaquick for now,
> and  consider it internal api for the time being (pretty much just used by
> the shell and plasmate stuff) without any promise of api stability.
> Should we decide to make it a full public library, it should undergo a
> serious  api review beforehand

So that would mean the systray has a copy of a header?
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