kf5 alpha 1 : modules, versions

Michael Pyne mpyne at kde.org
Wed Feb 12 03:02:01 UTC 2014

On Tue, February 11, 2014 20:59:24 David Faure wrote:
> On Monday 10 February 2014 15:43:13 Marco Martin wrote:
> > On Monday 10 February 2014, Ivan Čukić wrote:
> > > > the above points should be done..
> > > > only thing, in kactivities frameworks should still be merged in master
> > > > (Ivan, would this be ok?)
> > > 
> > > Fine by me :) (even more than 'fine')
> > 
> > ok.
> > i suppose kdesrc-build has to be updated beforehand tough to pick up the
> > correct ones? (how?)
> Normally (in the future) this would be
> "change kde-build-metadata/logical-module-structure".
> However kactivities was actually missing there, its branch name was
> "hardcoded" in the kdesrc-build file.
> So just update the file "kf5-frameworks-build-include" in the kdesrc-build
> repo.
> But still, adding an entry into logical-module-structure would be good for
> the future.

I would argue we should do both: migrate the kf5-*-build-include in kdesrc-
build to use branch-groups consistently and ensure that "logical-module-
structure" is up to date.

The kde-build-metadata module has a script to verify that you get the right 
branch name so that you don't have to run kdesrc-build to validate the JSON or 
ensure you got what you expected.

I might do this myself in the next day or so if there's no opposition, as 
"now" is the easiest this transition is ever going to be, at least until KDE 4 
development has well and truly stopped.

 - Michael Pyne

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