You need things done? We fix! You see!

Jens Reuterberg jens at
Mon Feb 10 14:52:39 UTC 2014

With that eloquent start I wanted to say that some of you may now we now have 
our project page up and running (thanks to the webteam, Alex Fiestas and the 

We also have one open group at the KDE forums where anyone of you can jump in and 
ask for design help on any subject. Anything at all.

But in talking with some of the Plasma Devs one point became clear - some 
things that we work on is not... well its not "news ready" and in those 
situation perhaps getting help from the wider community may not be the best 
But don't worry there are 13 designers all sworn to secrecy who also have 
their "secret club house" in the KDE forums where we talk about the projects 
we work on "in house" 

You can either contact me here via the list, the artist list or the promo list 
(depending on what you need help with) or safer and quicker - tell me via mail 
at jens at ohyran dot se.

As for open design issues, no matter how trivial tell me here and I'll repost 
them in the forums - or post them yourself! The more information and work we 
have the more people see stuff is going on and more will join in! 

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