[RFC] File ending for packaged KWin effects and where to put them

Mark markg85 at gmail.com
Thu Feb 9 09:14:34 UTC 2012

On Thu, Feb 9, 2012 at 9:57 AM, Martin Gräßlin <mgraesslin at kde.org> wrote:

> Hi workspace developers,
> my JavaScript bindings for KWin effects are nearly in place and that
> results
> in a few questions I wanted to discuss with the greater team.
> The scripted effects follow the Plasma Packages structure and I plan to
> have
> also "normal" KWin scripts use Plasma Package structure as well as window
> decorations and window switcher layouts.
> Should such files use the file ending "plasmoid" or should we introduce new
> names like "kwineffect", "kwinswitcher", "kwinscript", "kwindecoration"?
> Could
> using "plasmoid" result in problems like the widgets explorer trying to
> install the kwineffect when dropped on the desktop?

My opinion.. keep .plasmoid for the actual "widgets" that can be placed on
the desktop.
use the new names ("kwineffect", "kwinswitcher", "kwinscript",
"kwindecoration") for kwin.

Just my 2 cents. I can't comment on the other questions since I know to
little about that.

> The second question I have is about the additional effects. Now that we
> have
> the scripted bindings I want to rewrite a few pure eye-candy effects with
> the
> bindings and move them out of the KWin source tree. Where should they go? I
> tend to plasma-addons.
> Last but not least: how does this synchrotron work and does it offer
> something
> which would be very useful to distribute our effects, scripts, etc?
> Cheers
> Martin
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