Review Request: Make python scriptengine installable if python3 is your main python

Luca Beltrame einar at
Wed Nov 9 22:49:39 UTC 2011

In data mercoledì 09 novembre 2011 19:25:12, Aaron J. Seigo ha scritto:

> this looks like valid python 2 and 3 from what i've seen in the python docu
> online.. :)

However it won't work in Python 3 because the plugin factory needed to use 
Python ScriptEngines is Python 2 only. So the proper fix is to disallow 
building of the script engine if Python 3 is detected.

Albert, with which Python 2.x version did you test this patch? I'm not sure 
that print as function works in 2.6 (but I can't test at the moment). 

(and yes, sorry for the late reply, I was out all evening and I just saw this 

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