which is the roadmap of kdeplasma-addons repository?

Giorgos Tsiapaliwkas terietor at gmail.com
Tue Jun 14 15:48:03 CEST 2011


After a discussion that i had with aseigo at the #plasma regarding the
kdeplasma-addons repository i would like to share with you some of my
The repository exists for quite a bit,but it isn't very known which
plasmoids are being there.Some questions that people can ask :
Are there some extra plasmoids(official ones)?
Are there plasmoids that being loved by the users and added
there(unofficial ones)?
Can the normal(not plasma developers) people add a plasmoid there?

What i want to say is to "promote" this repository.

Now,more than ever there are some facts which can make this repository
very popular.QML,Qt5(heavy based on QML),plasma active,contour and
with the mobile devices becoming so popular,
it is time to reconsider how we will use this repository.

I propose to check the repository first and reorder it.We can create
some extra folders like "QML plasmoids","active plasmoids",etc and
organize the existing plasmoids better.
Then with some blog posts to promote the existence of the repository
and the ability of plasma coders to add there their
plasmoids,something like kde-apps.org.In kde-apps.org everyone is able
to add there his plasmoid,when in kdeplasma-addons repository only
some "chosen" plasmoids from the plasma devs will be added.
Of course if this happen,each plasmoid must have its maintainer who
would maintain it.If it is being decided we can provide also a
bugzilla for each plasmoid,but the point is the maintainer to be very
active in order to avoid a second failure of the bugzilla.Moreover
this action will be good for the entire KDE community,since KDE is
frameworks and not a desktop enviroment(you know what i mean:)),this
can motivate more people to get involvrd with the framework part of
KDE and less with the desktop enviroment.

I am highly interested in helping refactoring the kdeplasma-addons
repository.(Of course if it is being decided.)

What do you think?
Tsiapaliwkas Giorgos (terietor)
KDE Plasma Developer


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