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On Wednesday, January 5, 2011, Alex Fiestas wrote:

unfortunate; that guy could be quite a useful tester providing feedback, but i 
don't think i could put up with his idiotic attitude for very long.

anyways, here's a summary of the issue:

* after closing notifications of one type (e.g. the notifier closes automatically, but when 
notifications from another application appear and it re-opens the now-empty 
page of those notifications are still shown:

* when in that state, notifications from other sources will appear in the 
empty tab: ... probably these two issues are 

* margins and scrollbar height can become incorrect while the notifications 
window is open and notifications are coming are going:

* changing tabs while there is kinetic over-scroll position resets the scroll 
and it doesn't "bounce back":

that describes every single issue he ran into afaics, not counting things like 
"the buttons are different widgths in different notifications" (no shit: the 
text layout is different in different notifications!)

> I can take a look to them but I think that we need some hardcore Plasma
> muscle to get them fixed for 4.6.0, anyone up for the job?

other than the margins and scrollbar height which may be tricky (as in: they 
may be QGraphicsLayout annoyances), the other three shouldn't be too hard. 
they are obviously all results of edge conditions somewhere that aren't being 
caught with regards to managing the list of pages in the tab widget.

i'm willing to help out, Marco is usually around as well.

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