Tokamak V: please confirm and price estimation

Sebastian Kügler sebas at
Sun Feb 27 00:38:44 CET 2011

On Friday, February 25, 2011 17:47:27 Marco Martin wrote:
> On Friday 25 February 2011, Farhad Hedayati-Fard wrote:
> > >  Farhad? Romário? Sinny?
> >
> > Hi Marco,
> > I'd really like to come there and participate in the meeting, but as I
> > live in Iran, It's probably so difficult for me to get Visa for Europe
> > counties, Do you provide invitations or something like that so that I
> > can give it to the embassy for getting a visa??
> I think e.V. can do those things? (it has been done in the past iirc)
> Sebastian, what is the procedure usually?

Yes, e.V. can write an invitation. It's usually easier if we have precise 
details what needs to go in there, as that differs per country. (Gotta admit, 
not experience with Iranian visa authorities :)

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