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Fri Feb 25 17:33:09 CET 2011

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Review request for Plasma.


If the user wishes to have all system tray items visible at all times, there is no single setting to allow this.  The only option is to go to System Tray Settings - Entries and set all of the "Visibility" combo boxes to "Always Visible", and repeat this whenever a new item appears.

All versions of a popular closed source operating system have this option for the system tray.

This change adds a check box "Always show all system tray items" below the list on the Entries page.  Checking this sets all items (current and any new ones that may appear in future) to be always visible and disables the "Visibility" column.  It is still possible to access the "Keyboard Shortcut" column.

The default is for this option not to be set, so the system tray operation is the same as before.


  plasma/generic/applets/systemtray/ui/applet.h b0e9a55 
  plasma/generic/applets/systemtray/ui/applet.cpp bd2d8ff 
  plasma/generic/applets/systemtray/ui/autohide.ui 3b6efff 
  plasma/generic/applets/systemtray/ui/taskarea.h 091763c 
  plasma/generic/applets/systemtray/ui/taskarea.cpp cfa503b 



Built kde-workspace with these changes, checked operation of system tray and settings dialogue with this option checked and not checked.



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