The future of virtual desktops

Hans Chen hanswchen at
Thu Feb 24 22:34:09 CET 2011

Hi all,

It seems like the more mature activities become, the more important it is to
distinguish them from virtual desktops. Many people feel that it's confusing
to have two similar concepts, and although I think I understand the
differences between activities and virtual desktops quite well, I agree with
the complaints.

My hope is that activities will get a more prominent place in future
versions of KDE Plasma Workspaces. Now the question is, what will happen
with virtual desktops? There are people who want to get rid of
but I can see how this suggestion is disliked. Some suggest that
virtual desktops should be disabled by

What I want to know is the following: Are there any plans or outlines
regarding how to proceed with virtual desktop (and activities)? Are they
documented somewhere?

If not, this thread can serve as a place for discussing this. I realize that
this involves the KWin people as well, but I'm not familiar with
cross-posting to mailing lists, and I know that at least Martin Gräßlin
reads this list.

With best regards,
Hans Chen

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