another interesting bug.. this time performance related

Marco Martin notmart at
Wed Feb 23 18:19:56 CET 2011

On Wednesday 23 February 2011, Sebastian Kügler wrote:
> On Saturday, February 19, 2011 20:24:29 Marco Martin wrote:
> > > this is probably beyond my QML skills as i still haven't found the time
> > > to properly throw myself into QML yet.
> I'm finding the time these days... :)


> > > but i'm happy to write the model
> > > and retro-fit the tasks widget for a QML widget.
> Either that, or we add everything needed to the tasks dataengine, and your
> model is created automatically. We'd need to make the tasks engine bi-
> directional for this, no? (I think right now it only lists, but can't
> manipulate tasks, i.e. restore.

there would be services for the source associated to a particular task for 
now i'm not sure if the dataengine is the most adapt in this case, or if the 
task manager 

> I'm all for this, because it'll allow us to control apps from Plasma Tablet
> as well, pretty easily. (Right now, they just vanish behind the shell
> window are are gone from the UI, not quite ideal...)

hmm, i think the task selector of the tablet/handheld ui should probably be 
just a kwin effect ;) (and yeah, would depend on compositing, perhaps there 
should be a fallback alternate simple full screen taskbar when present windows 
isn't available)

Marco Martin

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